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Care symbols


What do the symbols on the label mean?

SYMBOL OVERVIEW on the label for laundry and care

Machine wash – normal. Garment may be laundered through the use of hottest available water, detergent or soap, agitation, and a machine designed for this purpose. Dry Clean, any solvent, any cycle any moisture, any heat.
Machine wash – permanent press. Garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed to preserve Permanent Press with cool down or cold rinse prior to reduced spin. Do not dry clean. Garment may not be commercially drycleaned.
Hand wash. Garment may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation. Do not bleach. No bleach product may be used. The garment is not colorfast or structurally able to withstand any bleach.
Iron: any temperature, dry or stream. Regular ironing may be needed and may be performed at any available temperature with or without steam is acceptable. Tumble dry normal. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting.
Do not iron. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron. Do not tumble dry. A machine dryer may not be used. Usually accompanied by an alternate drying method symbol.
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