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Underwear care

Underwear care

How do I take care of my underwear?

Do always read the stitched laundry label.

Wash white underwear with laundry detergent for white clothes.

Coloured clothes are best washed with laundry detergent able for delicate fabrics.

Underwear with laces should be treated carefully.

Avoid using fabric softener in your washing machine when washing underwear. It leads to broken elastane fiber.

How to avoid discoloring

  • Never wash white clothes together with colored cloth (not even pastel-colour).
  • Rinse the filter of the washing machine regularly to avoid possible colour sediments to discolour clothes in the next wash.
  • Rinse the washing machine before washing white clothes to be sure that no colour sediments are left in the machine.
Machine wash:
Stick to the temperature that is on the laundry label. Do not wash hotter than that. Thanks to new and efficient washing powders it is not necessary to wash with higher temperature than what it says on the label. For white and coloured clothes it is common to wash on 40 degrees Celsius.

Underwire-bras hand wash only Do not wash your underwire bras in the machine. Then you are not risking broken or disformed wires. The risk of wires coming out of the material is also diminished. By hand wash the washing powder must be fully dissolved before putting the clothes in to the water. Do not soak longer than 5 minutes.

Textiles containing elastane are more sensitive towards sweat and oil coming from the skin. It is a good idea to wash after every use, to keep the colour and material in good shape.

It is no problem to tumble dry cotton underwear, but it is an extra burden and torns cloth faster.

The symbol hand-wash means that the material contains fibers that are not meant to cope a washing program. The material can contain a special mix of fabrics or contain build-in elements like wires. These materials or part of martial do not last long in a washing machine. Wires get deformed or they cut its way out of the material. In the worst case a wire can damage the washing machine.

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