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UK versus EU cup sizes

UK versus EU cup sizes
"Which PrimaDonna cup size will fit me, if I use a G cup in Freya?"
That question we get every day in our shops. And since we at LACE have thousands of bras from both EU and UK producers, we are well aware of the challenge. After 24 years with lingerie and numerous women in our fitting rooms, our experience is as follows:

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So, if you are a G Cup in Freya, then you probably fit an H cup in PrimaDonna.

Beware: This conversion table is just a rule of thumb. You probably recognise it from shoes or tightly fitted clothes: Even within the same brand, you cannot always count on fitting the same size. Bras are no different. But the conversion table provides a starting point. We use it in our LACE shops every day.

Why is there a difference between UK and EU?
Since UK is using the imperial system and EU the metric system, there is a difference in the way bra cups have been measured, constructed and produced.

Also, the UK bra brands normally have a firmer material that has less flexibility, and this requires less distance between the bra sizes. Otherwise, the jump between the cup sizes would be too large.
EU bra brands, on the contrary, are typically using more elastic material. The more flexible material does that the cup size can adapt to a larger jump between the cup sizes.

Remember that the back size is identical between UK and EU brands. It is only the cup size that causes challenges. See our table of all available bra sizes at LACE Lingerie.
Below, we have an overview of UK and EU brands at LACE Lingerie:
UK brands:
EU brands:



Fauve by Fantasie


Shock Absorber

Curvy Kate




Marie Jo

PrimaDonna Twist

PS. UK is obviously part of EU, but it is easier to write EU than "continental European" ;-)