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Bra Style Guide

There are many different types of styles of bras with each offering a different fit and shape. Some styles will work better for certain figure types, or pair better with particular types of clothing depending on the style and function of the bra. Learn more about the different categories of bras below.


The half cup bra has an open neckline with wide set shoulder straps. Half cup bras can be both padded and not padded, often with vertical seams to direct the breasts upwards exposing the top of the breast, a sexy style ideal for tops with a low or open neckline.


The plunge bra has a lower neckline to expose the fullness of the bust, suitable for tops and dresses with a deep v-neckline. Plunge styles do not have padding. See Push-Up bras for a low-cut padded shape.


The minimizer bra is a seamless bra with no foam that reduces bust projection to make the breasts appear smaller. The cup is shallow to prevent the forward projection of the breast, and can be reduced by up to 3 or 4cm in the larger cup sizes when compared to a balcony or full cup bra.


The moulded bra gives a smooth round shape but without padding. Cups are made from sturdy fabric, lace or embroidery that are moulded with heat and pressure into the round shape. If you are not fond of padding this will be a good choice for t-shirts and lightweight, fitted tops.


The t-shirt bra has a smooth round shape due to the pre-formed foam cup giving an invisible look under t-shirts and fitted, lightweight tops, and will reduce nipple show-through.


The push-up bra is similar to the plunge with the low neckline, and the bra is designed to push the breasts together for fuller looking breasts and cleavage for tops and dresses with a deep neckline. Push-up bras have foam cups for padding and shaping. See Plunge bras for a low cut non-padded shape.


The spacer bra is a special type of lightweight foam that is highly flexible and breathable and gives a round, smooth shape similar to a t-shirt bra. The softer foam is easier to care for, but may not eliminate nipple show-through for everyone.


The strapless bra is perfect for tops and dresses where shoulder straps may show. Available with or without padding, as well as seams, strapless bras can support up to a J cup and often have features like rubber grip elastic and wide back bands for support. Most strapless bras come with removable shoulder straps so that you can also cross the straps in the back, or wear as a halterneck style.


The nursing bra has drop-down cups to allow for breastfeeding. Styles are available both with and without underwires.


The sports bra is essential for active, full-bust women to restrict the movement of the bust during sport as excessive movement or bouncing can stretch or damage the ligaments, also causing discomfort, fatigue or pain.


The body gives a smoothing shape through the waist and can reduce back bulges. Adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable closure at the gusset allows for a flexible fit. The body can be worn everyday or under special occasion outfits.

Need help finding your size, or with the fit of your bra? Visit the LACE Bra Fitting Guides for more information on how to recognise a good bra fit, the best way to put on your bra and the LACE International Bra Size Guide including EU and UK cup sizes.