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Pareo Guide

The pareo, or sarong, is the ultimate swim and beach cover-up as it can be fashioned and styled in many different ways, allowing you to choose the amount of coverage or look, that's right for you.

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Drape and tie your pareo into various skirts, dresses, or even a robe to cover-up with before or after your swim. This versatile accessory can add style and flair to your swimwear outfit. Watch the videos above for new ideas on how to style your pareo.

Use your pareo to shield your skin from the heat of the sun, or protect against a cool breeze. Wear your favourite swimwear with confidence, and use your pareo to provide modest coverage when coming and going from the water.

Depending on the size and shape of your pareo, you will be able to achieve different looks. Long rectangular-shaped pareos can be fashioned into different skirts and dresses, and the rectangular shape will result in shorter hemlines. Style a large square-shaped pareo into dresses, skirts or even a little robe. Practice in front of the mirror to see which styles work best for you. To create shorter skirts and dresses with a large square pareo, fold the pareo in half to make a shorter hemline. In general, the larger the pareo, the more flexible it is to create various looks when wanting to create full-body looks like dresses.

Pareos are lightweight and travel well, and are easily packed into your suitcase or beach bag, with many pareos made of fabrics resistant to wrinkling. Discover new ways to style your pareo with the videos above.

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