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Swimsuit Fit Guide

Different types of styles and designs will fit and flatter your figure differently; the key is to balance your proportions and use shapes, colours, prints and aesthetic details to direct the eyes. Use the tips below for suggestions on how to emphasise or minimise your features using different styles and prints.

  • Try on a variety of different styles. Step outside of your comfort zone, as you may find something new!
  • If you're choosing between two sizes, go for the smaller one. Swimwear will expand when wet.
  • Find a great fit. Confidence will come from a great fit and a silhouette that flatters your figure. Bra-sized swimwear can lift and shape the bust giving you the support and shape you want.
  • Are you looking for smoothing through the body? Try a shapewear swimsuit with controlling fabrics and silhouettes designed to trim the waist and give an hourglass shape.

Bust: Emphasise

Choose styles with less coverage at the bust, such as plunging necklines, bold prints and colours, embellishments and lacing, twisted fronts or ruffles. Halterneck styles can bring the breasts inwards to give the appearance of fullness and cleavage.

Bust: Minimise

Select styles with underwires to lift your breasts and for styles with more neckline coverage for security. Avoid bold prints or neckline details that will draw the eye towards the bust, along with swimsuits with external 'bra look' details that will further define your bust shape.

Bust: Support

Bra-sized swimwsuits and styles with underwires will give you the support that you need. Styles with wider and adjustable shoulder/neck straps will help support and shape a large or heavy bust. Padding is not just for small busts; it can offer support and shaping for any size.

Waist: Minimise

To minimise the waist, look for styles with princess seaming or slimming suits with shapewear panels or those with contrasting side panels that can give the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. Define the waist with styles with diagonal stripe details that make the waist appear narrower. Plunging v-shaped necklines and can draw attention away from the waist towards the bust.

Waist: Emphasise

Showcase your waist with a high-cut leg or styles with gathers, pleats or belt details at the waist to draw the eye inwards.

Waist: Lengthen

To lengthen the waist, look for cutouts and sheer panels that break up the body and diagonal or vertical stripes and seam details to focus the eyes upwards.

Hips & Bottom: Emphasise

Styles that have waist or hip embellishments, reduced coverage on the bum, bright colours and bold prints can bring more attention to your bottom.

Hips & Bottom: Minimise

Look for styles with adequate coverage on the hip and bum, or even adjustable sides. The design or print of the top of the swimsuit can also draw attention away from the hips and minimise your bottom. Consider trying higher cut leg openings as a high-cut leg can slim the hips by making the legs look longer.

Hips & Bottom: Minimise

Styles with wider shoulder straps, shoulder detailing or bandeau style necklines can balance the figure, making your shoulders look wider, minimising attention to your hips and bottom.

Shoulders: Emphasise

Strapless bandeau styles will showcase the neck and shoulders, while halternecks and deep v-necklines will highlight the neck.

Shoulders: Minimise

Asymmetrical necklines that will draw the eye up and away, rather than straight across to minimise broad shoulders. The deep v-neck can also direct eyes vertically, rather than horizontally, reducing the appearance of broad shoulders.

Shoulders: Minimise

Swimsuits with side panel details like placement prints, colour block panels, mesh or strappy features can give the appearance of an hourglass silhouette.

Torso: Lengthen

Prints and patterns with a vertical design or vertical seam details will give a longer look.

Torso: Lengthen

Try swimsuits with cut-outs or sheer panels, and contrasting side panels for the hourglass silhouette. Plunging v-necklines and deep scoop backs can also create the appearance of a longer torso.

Torso: Shorten

To balance proportions, choose styles that make the legs look longer like those with a high-cut leg.

Legs: Lengthen

Create the illusion of longer legs with a high-cut leg. Styles with strappy details, mesh sides, cutouts or colour blocking details around leg openings can also add to the illusion.

Legs: Lengthen

Most importantly, showing more skin visually lengthens the leg line.

Legs: Shorten

Styles with full and wide coverage on the hip can create a shorter looking leg. Boyleg cuts and styles with skirted bottoms will reduce the amount of leg shown and can visually shorten the leg line. Also, try the tips above for lengthening your torso to balance proportions without creating a shorter looking leg.