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Nursing Bra without wire

You may find that nursing bra styles without wires are more comfortable, and can be worn at night while sleeping, like the lightweight Anita KwikKlip. Ensure that the style you choose fits comfortably and is supportive enough for everyday wear when your breasts are at their fullest.

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In larger cup sizes, a nursing bra without wires may be a compromise on support and shape from your regular everyday bra, learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of non-wired and wired nursing bras in the LACE Nursing Bra Guide.

Without the wires, more fabric and seams are needed to lift the breast, such as the structure found in the Freya Dotty and Rosie, and Elomi Beatrice. The shape may not be as round as you’re used to. A bra without wires is also more ‘flexible’ in fit. If the cup is too small, there are no wires to dig or press, and may give you more time to find a new proper fitting bra.

Be sure to try a variety of brands and styles of nursing bras to find the one that works best for you and your baby. Practice using the clip one-handed and make sure the cup drops down enough to expose the breast, and visit the LACE Nursing Bra Guides for what you need to know about bra fit during pregnancy and nursing.

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