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Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are designed to make feeding your baby as simple as possible. Styles will have clips at the top of the cup that allows the cup to drop down to expose the breast for feeding. Different brands use different styles of clips, most designed to be unfastened with just a single hand so that you can hold your baby with the other.

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When buying a nursing bra ensure that your nursing bra fits you well when your breasts are at their fullest for comfort and support. With your size fluctuating significantly in the first few weeks, you may be most comfortable in a non-wire nursing style.

Nursing bras come in a variety of styles, such as those with seamless moulded cups like the Anita Mama, while others have spacer foam cups, like Freya Pure. Styles with cut and sewn fabrics for shaping and support include the Anita Fleur and Panache Sophie. Customer favourites without underwires are the Elomi Beatrice, and Freya Rosie and Dotty.

Should you wish to wear an underwired nursing bra, look for a style with more flexible underwires like the Anita Fleur or Freya Pure and check that the wires are not pressing on any breast tissue when you're at your fullest.

For more information to help you decide if a wire or non-wire nursing bra is right for you, please see the LACE Nursing Bra Guide for further helps and tips on what you need to know about bra fit during pregnancy and nursing.

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