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Bra - Full Cup

The full cup bra offers the most coverage of the bust for maximum support. At LACE, many of the full cup bras in stock have a side panel, like the bestselling full cup, Deauville from PrimaDonna, which helps to bring the breasts forward for a projected shape and can give a slimmer appearance. The forward projection means that your figure and bust will look smaller visually straight-on and can further highlight your waist.

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The centre front and top neckline edge of the cup is designed higher to contain and support all of the breast tissue. Because this style of bra is higher at the neckline and covers more of the bust, it may not work with lower-cut tops. It’s important to note that the more coverage a bra has, the more support it can offer by holding the breast in place.

Straps on a full cup bra are usually positioned more inwards on the front of the chest, to help lift the weight of the bust. With the straps centrally-placed, this can help reduce them from slipping on women with narrow or sloped shoulders. Full cup bras do not have any padding or foam for shaping.

PrimaDonna and Chantelle make some of the prettiest full cup bras available with incredible lace and embroidery details. Learn more about the different styles of bras available with the LACE Bra Style Guide.

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