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Full Bust & Big Cup Clothing Tips

It's important to wear a properly fitted and supportive bra with full bust clothing for them to fit you best. A well-fitting bra will lift your bust into the deepest part of the shirt, allowing for your waist to be seen.

Look for tops that are fitted through the waist and reach down to the hip to counterbalance the look of a full bust. High neck shirts or turtlenecks may make you feel that your bust looks larger, or sitting low. Necklines with a v-shape will help elongate the neck and torso, making you look leaner.

If you wish to avoid making the bust look larger, avoid ruffles, flounces and chest pockets that give volume to the upper body. Choose patterns and designs with vertical stripes, whether that's prints, seaming or plackets as this will draw the eye upwards for a slimming appearance. Avoid patterns that are horizontal, as they will compress the appearance of your figure, making you look wider and shorter. Most importantly, maintain your posture! Stand up tall and straight; there is no reason to hide. Show your curves with pride and self-confidence.

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