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Sports Bras: Wire vs. Non-Wire

A sports bra with underwires isn't necessarily more supportive than one without. We recommend trying both types of styles to see which works best for you and the kind of sports and activities you are doing.

Sports Bras Without Underwires

Many sports bras come without wires, and choosing a style with or without wires comes down to personal preference, but be sure to consider your activities. If you are doing activities like pilates or yoga where you are bending, stretching and twisting the body, you may find that wires are restrictive or press on your ribs during certain movements or poses. All non-wire sports bras at LACE have and encapsulating fit to separate the breasts, while many also have a slight compression fit for additional support. Some women find that sports bras without wires are best for low to medium impact activities like yoga, cycling and weightlifting. Larger busted women find that at times there is not enough support in a non-wired bra for high impact activities, but there certainly are exceptions, so it is recommended to try styles both with and without wires to find what's best for you.

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Sports Bras With Underwires

Sport bras with underwires tend to be highly encapsulating, which is supportive for a larger bust and will offer separation, much like your everyday bra would. Women who participate in high-impact sports such as running, football and handball may be most comfortable in a style with underwires. Brands like PrimaDonna Sport, Marie Jo and Panache Sport have added features such as foam or gel cushioning to reduce the feeling of the underwires for extra comfort. Just like your everyday bra, different brands have different lengths and shapes of wires, so be sure to move around in the wired bra and that you can make sure it's comfortable and suitable for all of your activities.

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