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Print - Stripes

Stripes can be traditional or modern and vary widely in their styling and colouring and can offer the illusion of shaping into your swimwear. The classic striped look is often paired with white in traditional colours like blue or red.

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The modern striped look freshly uses lines with uneven or wavy lines and bold or contrasting colour combinations and offers a new twist on the classic look, and can draw attention to, and emphasise your curves.

Stripes can also be a texture, knitted right into the fabric. Jacquard knitted fabrics with a slight texture are often a little bit thicker and heavier and can add more depth, dimension and a little bit of camouflage into your swimwear.

If stripes are your favourite swimwear print, be sure to check out the nautical and geometric categories as well! There are 14 swimwear print types to choose from at LACE!

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