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Sports bras are essential for those with active lifestyles as high-impact activities that involve running and jumping can put a lot of strain on the breast, potentially damaging the ligaments in the bust, or affecting comfort or performance when participating in sports.

LACE stocks a variety of sports bras suitable for medium to high impact sports for those needing large cup sports bras. Styles are available with underwires and with no underwires allowing for choice, comfort and flexibility for your activity.

Encapsulation style sports bras are most common in large cup sizes as they will separate and support each breast either with wires, or internal bra structures to separate. Bestselling, high-impact sports bras include the Elomi Energise, Ulla Kate, Freya Active, Panache underwire sports bra and Chantelle Specialty.

Compression styles flatten and compress the bust to reduce movement and are not as common in large cup sizes. These styles often have no cup depth or structure, are sold in generic sizing and have limited ways to adjust the fit. Many styles of large cup sports bras offer a combination of an encapsulating and compressing fit to reduce movement.

Bestselling styles with a combination of encapsulation and compression styling include the Shock Absorber Active Multi and Ultimate Run, Berlei High Performance and Anita Momentum.

For more help choosing a sports bra, see the LACE blog for more details.
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