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Favourite Swimwear Prints

Swimwear prints and colours are more than just a colour or patterned surface design. The way prints and colours are used, and incorporated into swimsuit and bikini designs can enhance or minimise your shape, and can even give the illusion of curves or length to the body.


Solid colours are the classic look, with colours most often being black, various shades of blue, or white. Darker colours are slimming and timeless, while white is a chic and glamorous colour choice to complement your summer tan.


Graphic prints are bold, adventurous and eye-catching. Prints can look like abstract works of art, or be highly detailed incorporating various colours and shapes, to give you a unique look.

Colour Block

Colour blocking offers some of the benefits of a solid colour, like dark colours to slim the figure, while a brighter, or contrasting colour will enhance or draw attention to other areas of the body. One-piece styles may have panels along the sides in darker colours to give the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.


Fun and funky geometric prints offer a modern look and are a great way to incorporate multiple colours into your swimwear. Checks, waves and zigzags are just some of the popular geometric prints.


The crochet look is here to stay with a number of brands incorporating crochet fabric and trims into their collections. Styling can be vintage inspired, with a feminine and bohemian look, or transparent crochet panels can be seductive revealing a bit of the skin underneath.


The Nautical look is the perfect sophisticated look for cruising or sailing. Traditionally dark blue with pops of white and red, and stripe details, you can sail away with this incredibly classic look. Accessories and trims may be whimsical with rope details or gold accents.

Polka Dots

Everyone loves a polka dot bikini or swimsuit, and each season new styles and colour combinations pop up. Dots can be super small, or oversized and offer that pop of colour and playfulness.


Stripes are a popular and classic look, injecting a bit of colour and the illusion of shaping into your swimwear. Stripes can be prints, or even textures, and be a simple nautical inspired look in blues and white, or a subtle contrast. Bold, and multiple colour combinations or wide stripes are sure to draw attention and emphasise your curves.


Walk on the wild side with an animal print. Popular prints include leopard and cheetah spotted prints, as well as zebra and tiger inspired stripes. New animal prints on the radar: snakeskin! These prints can be in their 'natural' neutral colours or manipulated into vibrant colours like blue, pink or neon.


Florals are typically bright and cheerful prints and can include brightly coloured flowers, or the opposite, pastel romantic prints, or even the brightest neon colours. Floral designs can vary greatly from tiny ditsy prints, or oversized and exaggerated blossoms with photographic realness, or artistic interpretations.

Tie-Dye & Ombre

Inked effects take on a tie-dye appearance. Vibrant blue and white combinations give a relaxed, and casual appearance and pair effortlessly with denim cutoffs and sandals or a tie-dye or ombre inspired coverup.


Lush leafy greens and vibrant floral colours will take you to the tropics. Bold coloured tropical flowers on contrast backgrounds and greenery details will attract attention and make you feel like you've escaped the city.


The Bohemian look has that casual and free spirit look with prints and details inspired by travel to faraway places like Morocco and northern India. Mosaic prints, paisley details and neutral shades with pops of colours create the perfect bohemian look.

Glitter Metal

Swimwear with that hint of shimmer will glitter and shine under the warm summer sun. Details may be subtle like gold stripe detailing or metallic threads woven into the fabric to give you a bit of all-over sparkle, or be a high-shine fabric with a metallic foil finish.