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Swimwear Care Guide

Now that you've found the perfect bikini or swimsuit, you'll want to keep it looking its best.

Exposing swimwear to such damaging elements as pool chemicals, hot temperatures, sunscreen and tanning oils, as well as abrasive surfaces can shorten the life of your swimwear. Maximise the life of your swimwear with these helpful tips.

Sunscreen, Tanning Oils & Pool Chemicals
Be careful when applying sunscreen and tanning oils as they can stain and discolour fabrics. Apply lotions and allow to dry fully before putting your swimwear on. Take care when re-applying, don't be afraid to ask for help! Always rinse your swimwear when you're done at the pool or the beach as saltwater and chlorine can damage the elastane fibres and affect the colours.

Heat & Sun
It sounds strange that the heat and the sun could damage your swimsuit, but be aware that over time the colours may start to fade from the summer sun, and hot temperatures can degrade the elastic. Extended time in the hot tub may break down the elastane quicker, and you may not want to take your new favourite in the hot tub. Be sure to avoid washing your swimwear in the washing machine, and never put it in the dryer. It's also best to avoid hanging it in direct sunlight to dry where colours can fade.

Abrasive Surfaces
Rough or anti-slip surfaces around pools may catch on the fine and delicate fabrics of your swimwear; this could be your beach chair, the sand, or the edge of the pool. Sit on a towel or a coverup to avoid picks and pulls in the fabric, and be careful in the pool when leaning against the edge.

Make sure your swimwear is dry before packing it away; if you must pack wet or damp swimwear, be sure to rinse it well and wrap it gently in some soiled clothes. Placing your swimsuit in a plastic bag and leaving it wet can allow mould to grow and cause damage to the fibres, or leave your items with an unpleasant odour.

It's always best to check the manufacturer's instructions on the label for washing and care instructions. If you're unsure, LACE recommends to hand wash your swimwear in cold water with a gentle soap, immediately after use. Let the items soak for 5 - 15 minutes, and then rinse to wash away any soap residue. Gently press excess water out of the fabric, being careful not to pull or twist the fabric excessively. Pat dry with a towel to remove excess water.

Hang or lay pieces flat, away from direct sunlight, to dry. Avoid hanging pieces that are very heavy when wet, or have smooth moulded foam cups, in order not to stretch the fabrics, or distort the shape of the cups.

If you're off on an extended beach or pool holiday, it's best to alternate between a few swimsuits. Allowing the elastic fibres to relax between wears will further extend the life of your garment.