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Nursing Bra with wire

Over the last few years, more nursing bra styles have become available with underwires. Women with fuller busts have become accustomed to the fit, shape and support of underwires, and are now looking for this feature in their nursing bras.

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Some underwired nursing bras available on the market have incredibly flexible underwires, while others use traditional bra underwires. Styles with highly flexible wires at include the Anita Fleur and Freya Pure, which have been made with softer underwires for more flexibility.

The concern in the past was that wearing an underwired bra while nursing could cause blocked milk ducts, which can lead to painful inflammation or infection. It is important to have a well-fitting bra in order to not restrict the flow of milk into the breasts. Underwires should be sitting firmly on the torso and not on breast tissue.

It is not recommended to wear an underwired nursing bra for sleeping. Instead, choose a non-wire nursing bra style with minimal structure, such as the Anita KwikKlip, or Freya Rosie.

For more information to help you decide if a wire or non-wire nursing bra is right for you, please see the LACE Nursing Bra Guide for further helps and tips on what you need to know about bra fit during pregnancy and nursing.

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