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Bra - Moulded Cup

A moulded bra offers a round, seamless look, but without the foam padding or an exaggerated minimized shape. The cups can be made from sturdy fabric or even lace and embroidery that has been moulded into the smooth cup shape.

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PrimaDonna Satin and Fantasie Smoothing are two of the bestselling "invisible" moulded bras, while lacy and embroidered favourites include PrimaDonna Divine, and Empreinte Cassiopee and Melody. Fun fashion styles like Gossard Glossies offer bright, fun colours with a high-shine sheer cup.

With no ‘structure’ or seams in the cup, very full busted women may feel that the lift and shape are not enough or that their breasts are being spread apart, with fullness under the arm. This style of bra usually has more coverage as there is no structure, like seams or stiff foam, to project the breast up or forward.

Moulded bras are lightweight since they do not have the pre-shaped foam, so they do not add any bulk, thickness or warmth to the chest, and will not conceal the nipples. They are also easier care for as they will continue to look smooth over the lifetime of the bra, and do not require any special storage.

Learn more about the different styles of bras available with the LACE Bra Style Guide.

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