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Bra - Plunge

A plunge bra is a low cut non-padded bra that works well with wrap-over style tops and dresses, or deep v-necks, necklines that traditionally look flattering on fuller-busted women. The plunge style will show the fullness of the breasts, the décolletage, as there is reduced coverage at the centre front.

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Seams will be positioned to direct your breasts upwards and inwards to make the most of the lowered neckline, such as many plunge styles from Chantelle. Designs will fit differently from one another, with some separating the breasts more than others, and the amount of cleavage will also depend on the shape of your bust.

The shoulder straps may be located slightly more central over the breast to lift and bring the breasts closer together, but the bra will still have an open neckline. If your breasts are set very close together, or if you find that wires are painful against your sternum, this style may be a good everyday option as the centre front of the wires is lower on the chest as it has a narrower piece connecting the bra cups.

For low cut bras with padded cups, see Push-Up bras, and to learn more about the different styles of bras available with the LACE Bra Style Guide.

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