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Bra - Minimizer

A minimizer bra reduces the projection of the bust and gives a very round looking shape. At LACE, all of the minimizer bra styles are seamless cups with no foam padding.

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The underwires in minimizer bras often fit wider on the torso, or are flexible in shape to spread the breast across the body, and the cup is shallow, in order to prevent the forward projection of the breast. Favourite minimizers at LACE include the Triumph Contouring Sensation, Comfort, Lovely and Urban Minimizer bras. Hedona from Chantelle is also a customer favourite and bestseller.

Some women may choose a minimizer style based on the clothing that they wear as it keeps the breasts close to the body, or they wish to reduce the appearance of their breasts. Visually, when wearing the bra and looking down, the projection of the breast is reduced, by up to 3 or 4 cm in the largest cups, when comparing to a balcony or full cup bra. Although it may look like the breasts are smaller when looking down, the breast tissue has been compressed against the body and is now spread outwards, in the direction of the underarm, and down towards the waist. A minimizer bra will often make the breasts look larger as they will visibly take up more room on the torso when looking straight-on to the body.

Learn more about the different styles of bras available with the LACE Bra Style Guide.

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