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Bra - Balcony

The balcony style bra is a great everyday bra choice for most large cup women, offering a moderate amount of coverage and is versatile, working with a range of tops. It is recognised by its 3-piece cup with a seam that runs diagonally across the bust, bringing the breast forward and up for a round and projected shape. Balcony bras are typically non-padded.

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LACE carries balcony styles with both rigid and stretch top cup fabrics, as different fabrics will fit each person differently. With the slightly lower neckline edge on the balcony style bra, if a rigid neck edge presses into your breast tissue, try a design with a soft stretch lace or stretch embroidery to reduce any appearance of pressing. A style with rigid cups will offer more support from its firm fabric and reduce the bust from bouncing.

Favourite balcony bra styles include the Freya Rio with a rigid cup and the Curvy Kate Ellace with a stretch lace top cup.

Learn more about the different styles of bras available with the LACE Bra Style Guide.

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