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Clothing at LACE includes bust-friendly clothing collections from LACE Design, maximila and Urkye along with sportswear and beachwear.

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Full bust clothing is designed for women up to a K cup with more room in the bust to eliminate gaping buttons on blouses, and allows for a figure-hugging silhouette in jersey tops and dresses. You no longer have to buy tops or dresses in a size too big to fit your bust.

Fashion and function is priority for the sportswear stocked at LACE. Many styles are made with performance fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry. Beachwear styles are relaxed and casual, perfect for long summer days at the beach, and coordinate effortlessly with swimwear options at LACE.

Large cup clothing has unique sizing to allow for a full bust. Learn more about the features and benefits in the LACE Full Bust & Big Cup Clothing Guide.

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