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Bye Bra

Create a beautiful bra-free silhouette with an adhesive bra that gives you firmer, lifted and natural looking breasts without a traditional bra or surgery! The Bye Bra is made of a very thin, flexible, self-adhesive film that provides your bust lift, up to a few inches.

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Bye Bra uses an adhesive tape developed by 3M, the world leader in the manufacture of medical adhesives. The tape is dermatologically tested and compatible for all skin types, as it is also used as an adhesive for patches and bandages. Bye Bra not only lifts your breasts and creates symmetry, but also enhances your confidence. You can confidently wear your strapless, backless or specially cut garments at any time without the need for a bra. And do not forget, Bye Bra is waterproof so you can wear it under your bikini or swimsuit for a perfect figure on the beach!


Supplied with the Bye Bra Adhesive Bra are either silk or silicone nipple covers. Wondering why the Bye Bra offers the choice of silicone or silk covers? Every woman is different and has different needs. The silk-covers are lighter, smaller (6cm) and not reusable. The glue and the material are made for one time use only. Although smaller, they are less visible and for fine fabrics such as satin dresses, they may be more suitable than the slightly larger silicone cover. Bye Bra silicone covers are larger (8cm) and reusable. If you wear nipple covers often, or if your nipples or areola are larger, we recommend the Bra Bye bra with silicone covers, as they cover and adhere better with the larger surface area.

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