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maximila was the first German fashion brand for women with a large bust. Everything you will find here from maximila has been specially designed for women with cup sizes from D to K - and will fit your bust! Maximila offers high-quality blouses, dresses and tops that will fit women with a large bust perfectly.

About maximila

Welcome to maximila - the first German fashion brand for women with a large bust. Everything you will find here is specially designed for women with cup size D and larger.

maximila Collection

maximila deliberately focuses on simple, timeless classics for your wardrobe, that can easily be combined. Clean design and high-quality construction are a priority.


Princess seams on the front and back provide a fitted silhouette. With a touch of stretch and extra room in the bust for large cup sizes - this is the formula for a perfectly fitted maximila blouse!

Jersey Tops & Dresses

maximila dresses are suitable for business or leisure, and are flattering! They provide enough room for your bust, and emphasise your curves, and are appropriate for all figure types.

Polo Shirts

maximila polo shirts are the perfect all-rounder: simple, everyday shirts with a perfect, feminine fit in which you’ll feel comfortable.

Sizing & Styling Tips

When styling, a full bust can sometimes become a trouble zone and make your figure look bulky.

maximila finds: Fashion should adapt to the female body and not vice versa! Maximila loves curves and the feminine silhouette. With fashion from maximila, women feel great and self-confident in their body and their curves. A larger bust is wonderfully feminine -- and why should you not be proud of it?

maximila understands: If you have a large bust, you will not automatically wear large sizes. Maximila blouses, dresses and tops are deeper at the bust, but otherwise, correspond to the regular dress sizes - special size instead of oversize!

maximila customers are professional women and women who want to be appropriately dressed in every situation. When fashion fits perfectly, women can feel great and be self-confident! Maximila blouses and dresses are 100% business-friendly and give you the absolute certainty that nothing gapes or stretches. Feel self-assured and relaxed in their performance - and of course also chic, because maximila’s fashion defines your curves instead of hiding them.

Have fun browsing the maximila collection!