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Sports bra without wire

Sports bras without wires can offer more flexibility for activities like pilates or yoga where you are bending, stretching or twisting the body. Some women find that wires can be restrictive or cause pressure during certain movements or poses.

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Non-wire sports bras tend to have elements of compression in their styling as they do not have underwires to separate; therefore they rely on seams or inner structures to encapsulate the breasts and bring them forward and upwards such as the Shock Absorber Active Multi and Ultimate Run.

Seamless non-wire sports bras tend to offer a more compressive fit as they often do not have much depth to bring the bust forward, much like the Anita Momentum and Dynamix Star, although both are designed to separate the breasts with moulded cups. Real compressive sports bras flatten the bust and usually do not have cups or come in bra sizing and many lack adjustments for fit.

When trying your new sports bra, bend, stretch and jump to see if it will be comfortable and supportive for your activity. To learn more about the features of the sports bras at LACE, and how to choose the right one for you, visit the Sports Bra Guide.

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